Birthday Parties in Falls Church

Putting the Art in Your Child's Party

birthdayDoes your child have a birthday coming up? Although they have a birthday every year, life can get busy and it can be time-consuming to sift through all of the different options of birthday activities and venues for their celebration. As there are many different choices of venues and activities for your children in Falls Church and the surrounding area, you will need to take into account their interests and your budget. You may want to consider something which is interactive, like an artistic birthday party at Clay Cafe Studio.

We have three basic birthday party packages which are as follows:

  • The Basic: One and a half hours of fun for your child and their friends. The group rate studio fee for the basic party is $7 for each partygoer plus the price of any piece of pottery which is painted.
  • The Extended: Two hours of fun for your child and their friends. The group rate studio fee for the extended party is $10 for each partygoer plus the price of any piece of pottery is painted.
  • Catered Clay: We have a mobile division where we can bring the party to your home or preferred location. There is no muss and no fuss, we take care of everything and offer a variety of packages.

Tips for Planning a Pottery Painting Party

Clay Cafe Studios can help you plan a pottery painting party for children or adults. Our studio setting is the ideal place to enjoy time spent socializing while working on art projects that include ceramic painting and fused glass bowls, plates, tiles, and more.

  • When writing invitations, make sure to let partygoers know that they’ll be creating art so they can dress appropriately. Suggesting clothing with short or tailored sleeves can make pottery painting easier and less messy.

  • If you don’t want to draft your own invitations, we offer a free invitation template that’s ready to use—simply download and print as many as you need to easily include our address and other important details alongside your party information.

  • Consider purchasing basic smocks for attendees to decorate as part of the party activities. Smocks make a great personalized memory and will also help keep post-painting cleanup simple and fast.

  • An art- or pottery-themed cake is a wonderful complement to your pottery painting party. If you want to make cake-decorating an interactive event, bring several types of colored icing and let partygoers add their own personal touch before eating.

Helping Your Child Enjoy Their Special Day

girl painting Painting pieces of pottery is an extremely enjoyable activity for children and teenagers of all ages and even adults. At Clay Cafe Studio, we offer affordable birthday party packages for your children, their friends, and your family to enjoy. Depending on your plans and your preferences, you can either choose to host the birthday party here in our Falls Church pottery painting studio or you can have us bring the party to you in your home or venue of choice.

We have a wide range of paintable items to choose from, including animals, plates, bowls, mugs and holiday-themed pieces. You can bring cake, cupcakes or other treats, drinks and decorations. We also partner with a pizza place in our area that offers a discount to our customers. Our staff members are extremely knowledgable about the services we offer and are always happy to advise you and answer any questions that you may have. Book your next party with us!

Call us at (703) 534-7600 to set up your party!

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