Clay Cafe Studios - Community Engagement

Since opening in 1998, Clay Cafe Studios has been actively involved in the greater Falls Church community and surroundings areas . Clay Cafe promotes arts and community programs to enhance community engagement. Some examples include providing local elementary schools with innovative after-school art programs and developing relationships with local families, schools, and non-profit organizations.

Clay Cafe provides art enrichment programs and fundraising assistance through creative partnerships. The results are evidenced in our strong relationships with the community and positive contributions to the community's needs and lifestyles.

Clay Cafe contributes to school fundraising auctions in Falls Church and all of the surroundings communities. We have facilitated developing rain gardens, school improvements such as walkways and hall murals and providing creative art enrichment to many area schools. We have hosted many fundraisers to help the local homeless shelters and other community organizations. Our partnerships have many positive benefits for students, neighborhoods and the community at large.

Clay Cafe owners and management routinely participate in local programs to provide meaningful, real-world business experiences to special needs and underprivileged students from area schools. In addition to our own art-enrichment programs, we provide a venue for other organizations to visit the studio with students in order to participate in fun and entertaining activities.

Clay Cafe Studios continues to be a vital part of the community by combining creative outlets for public revitalization through art and creativity.

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