How Painting Pottery Can Benefit Children

While most children love to draw and color, it never occurs to many parents that their children might also love to paint pottery. Painting pottery is not just fun; it also has a number of potential benefits for children. Here are a few of the reasons you might want to consider bringing your child to a pottery painting class for kids.

Painting teaches concentration. Since children tend to have a lot of energy, it can be easy for them to become overstimulated and have trouble focusing. Sitting still and painting a design on a piece of pottery teaches children how to concentrate on a single task. Pottery painting is a calming and relaxing activity that allows your child to learn that quiet, patient activities can be as rewarding as running around on the playground.

Painting allows for self-expression. Children are bursting with the need to express themselves, which is why so many parents’ refrigerators are covered with crayon portraits. The stimulation that comes from creative expression is essential to a child’s mental and emotional development. Pottery painting allows children to express themselves in a new and unusual way and experience the joy that comes from hearing others respond to their work.

Painting is fulfilling. There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a work of art by yourself. When your child finishes painting a beautiful and unique piece of pottery, he or she can feel the pride that comes from learning a new skill and the excitement that comes from creating something that is truly theirs.

At Clay Café Studios in Falls Church, VA, we offer pottery painting opportunities for the entire family to enjoy. Our pottery classes and art camps are the perfect place for your child to learn about the wonders of painting pottery. If you would like to learn more, call (703) 534-7600 to get started today!

Take a Time Out from Technology and Paint Pottery Instead

When was the last time you set aside your phone or tablet to do something creative, like draw, mold clay, do arts and crafts, build, or DIY? You might balk from creative activities, citing your lack of skill—but the truth is that your art skills (or lack thereof) have nothing to do with the benefits of creative activities! If you’re concerned about mess or acquiring supplies, there’s a solution: painting pre-made pottery at a studio.

When you come in and pick your unpainted mug, plate, or figure, you may be at a loss for how you want to decorate your pottery. Instead of focusing on perfection, just enjoy the feeling of creating designs and personalizing your pottery. Bring your family members and chat as you paint for even more fun. Pottery painting can be a creative and social activity that allows you to unplug from your busy schedule, and the feeling of accomplishment when you complete your newly painted pottery will remind you how good it feels to be creative.

At Clay Café Studios, we provide pre-made pottery, paint, and supplies for you and your family to get creative without the mess or stress. Call us at (703) 534-7600 or stop by for a fun and relaxing time with your family.

How Kids Benefit from Art Camps

Kids are so busy nowadays that, when school’s out, they’re likely to fall into a mind-numbing routine of TV, video games, and snacking, but these activities will only hold their attention for so long and, not two weeks of your child’s summer break will pass before you hear the chorus “I’m bored.” When kids turn to you for a solution, you might feel frustrated and helpless, but you have more influence over their entertainment than you think—for example, you can enroll your child in art camp!

Have Fun

Arts and crafts, painting, and pottery camps for kids are immensely engaging. Kids are by nature curious and creative, and they love to personalize things. Arts and crafts fulfills all three tendencies by giving kids an outlet to make something their own, whether it’s a painting, door hanger, or pottery piece. Moreover, creating is simply fun, and at art camp, there won’t be a single complaint of boredom because camps provide all supplies and instruction, meaning that kids can create without limits and to their heart’s content.

Make New Friends

At art camp, your children will encounter other like-minded kids with different styles of creating art. Your child will learn to respect and appreciate others’ skills and habits when it comes to arts and crafts. Your child might teach and learn things from other kids and, even better, your child will probably make some new friends. Since art camps place traditionally solitary activities in a social environment, your child will reap the benefits of both solo play and socializing.

Discover Passions

Crafting, painting, and pottery are different ways for your child to express himself. Better yet, these programs might lead your child to discover a new talent or lifelong passion, which in turn boosts his or her confidence and motivates him to pursue his interests—in other words, fewer groans of “I’m bored” as your child brings his passions from camp to home when the day ends.

Clay Café Studios offers 10 summer sessions of art camps with emphasis on pottery, painting, and glass fusing. Your child will have a great time as he or she experiences new forms of art in a supportive and nurturing environment. To learn more about our summer camps, call us at (703) 534-7600 or visit our website.

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